The Things He Says (Part2)


*When he climbs on top of anything or stands up in the bathtub, he yells, “Ta-DAAAAA!!!!!” before climbing or sitting back down.  He throws his arms up in the air and arches his back when he says it too.

*He looked down at his feet, yelled “Go, go, feet!  Go, go!” then took off running.

*We have a few hills to run up when we run our around our neighborhood.  Baby Boy cheers us on from his stroller with , “Almost, Mommy!  Almost!” or “Up the hill, Mommy!”  When John is the one pushing the stroller he cheers him on too.  Hearing that little voice encourage us definitely helps us get to the top of the hill.

*Baby Boy has a bath toy fishing set he likes to play with.  Unfortunately one evening, he thought it was entertaining to see how far he could stick the fishing pole into his mouth.

Me:  Do not put the stick in your mouth!

Baby Boy took the fishing pole out of his mouth.  He looked at me, slowly stuck out his tongue, and rested the stick on his tongue.  Touché.

Bath time was over.

*A few days after our visit to Santa, my parents drove up to watch Baby Boy so John and  I could go to his company’s Christmas party.  While we were waiting at the window, I was mindlessly chatting to Baby Boy.  I asked him if we should be on the lookout for Santa to come to our house.  He ran away from the window yelling, “No Mommy!  NO NO NO Santa!”  We didn’t mention Santa after that.

*One afternoon, after he refused to take a nap, he was walking out of his bedroom, looked back at his bed, and said, “I sorry bed.  No nap today.”

*He calls motorcycles “monkeysnackers.”  He’s improved to “motorsnickles.”

*The other night, we were sitting looking at his ABC book focusing on the letters A-D.  The “A” page has the letter “A”, a picture of an ant, and says “A is for Ant.”  After going over A-D a few times, I pointed at the letter “A” and asked him what he was.  He replied, “B!”  I told him, “No, what letter is that?”  Again, “B!”  I said, “No, it’s A.  A is for Ant.”  Baby Boy responded, “No Mommy.  It’s a B, B is for Bugs.”  Smartypants…  (The B in his book is for Bears by the way.)

*One evening we were playing outside after dinner.  A bird sat on the fence, and I pointed it out to Baby Boy.  He sat in my lap while watching the bird, and I started talking to him about birds.  Things like they have feathers and feathers keep them warm and dry like his clothes do, etc.  Then the bird started flying down to the ground, pecking at it, and flying back up to it’s spot on the fence.  I started telling him how birds like to eat bugs and worms.  His response to that was, “Mmmmmmm juicy!”

*His most favorite thing to say right now is “To infinity and beyond!”  (That’s what Buzz Lightyear from the movie Toy Story says.)  Whenever the opportunity for jumping presents itself, (ie jumping off his bed, the curb, the sofa, stairs, the ground) he yells, “To infinity and beyond!” and jumps.


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