The Things He Says (Part 3)


I bent over to check his diaper and he yelled, “Ewww!  That’s a poopy diaper Mommy.  Don’t touch it!”


“That sounds great!” is his way of saying yes when I ask him questions like, “Do you want to go to Target?”


It’s delicious! – His thoughts on foods like Chipotle and Chic fil a.


During dinner one evening, he was staring off out the window.   Suddenly he said:  Butterflies have wings.  Birds have wings.  Bugs have wings.

Me:  Yes, wings are how they are all able to fly.

He paused, grinned at me, and said:  They fly to the airport!

Then he started laughing at his joke, stopped and said:  I funny.


Back in March I was pretty sick, but had started to feel better.  He woke up from his nap one afternoon, and I explained that John would have to work late and that Baby Boy needed to go easy on me this afternoon.  He said okay.  Also important to know is that Baby Boy usually waves goodbye to John out the window and sometimes watches out the window for his car to return in the evenings.  Oh and I drive a blue car.  A bit later we were upstairs putting a load of laundry in the dryer and he started talking to me.  This is the gist of the conversation:

Baby Boy: Mommy, we need go find blue car.

Me:  Why?

Baby Boy:  Go find blue car and go to Home Depot and find Daddy.

Me:  I know you want to see Daddy, but Daddy has to work late tonight.
Baby Boy:  See Daddy outside window?
Me:  You’ll be asleep when Daddy comes home tonight, but you can play tomorrow.
Baby Boy:  Find blue car, find Daddy, get help.  Daddy come home and help.
Me:  I know Mommy is sick, but we’re going to be okay tonight.  Just you and me.  We’ll still have fun.
Baby Boy:  Where iPhone?
I guess he was either planning to call for help or play his favorite puzzle games on my phone.
Baby Boy was looking at a book I had left on the table, and I started talking to him.  He told me, “Shhh… I’m reading!”
We were eating lunch a few months ago when he randomly looked at me and said, “You’re too heavy Mommy.  You need to go to the gym.”  Umm what?  The only time I have ever told him I was too heavy was when he wanted me to sit on the crab claw seat on his crab sand box.  It’s meant for little kids and anyone over 50 lbs will dent it.  We have no idea how he made the connection between size and going to the gym.  That certainly isn’t something John or I have told him.  After mentally picking my jaw up off the floor, I said, “Ok.  We’ll go back to the gym on Monday.”
This summer we started to work on potty training.  I told him we were going to Target to pick out big boy underwear.  He told me, “I no need underwear!  I wear diapers!”  We went to Target, and I picked out the underwear.  It took him 2 weeks before he would agree to try them on.  We made a lot of progress until Memorial Day weekend when we were out and about and he needed to potty.  I took him to a public restroom, and he took one look at the public toilet became upset and  said, “No no Mommy!  I need a diaper please.”  A few days later we took our trip to San Antonio.  By the time we got home, we were back in diapers full-time.  We decided to just go with it and wait for him to decide it’s a good idea again.  We had VBS the 2nd week in July, and once that ended, we started the process again.   

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