“You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.”

-Davy Crockett

Soon we will be writing “GTT” on our front door as the moving van arrives to take all our earthly belongings back to the motherland.  While there are aspects of Seattle that we will miss, we are so happy to be returning home.

Obviously we were not planning on this, since we just moved to our latest apartment not even 3 months ago now.  This has been quite the exciting whirlwind!  We moved on July 9th, spent a couple of weeks getting unpacked and settled in.  Then last month, a good friend of ours told John about an opening at his company in Austin that he thought would be a good fit and suggested he send in his resume.   John submitted it without giving it much thought, but as he went through the interview process, he became increasingly excited about the prospect.  Last week we knew we were officially moving to Austin!

We regret recycling all those moving boxes…  and unpacking…  and moving.  If only we had known, right?  However, I will happily pack it all up again (and unpack it again) to move to TX.  I also really REALLY hope this is the LAST time we have to try to find a new home from 2,000 miles away.


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  1. Granddad, Nana, Uncle Mark, Granny & Papaw are sooooooooooo excited. We are busy getting ready for Ramhiser’s return. We love you guys.

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