Tex and Blondie


So there’s this older man that sits on a bench by the playground at our apartment complex almost everyday in the late afternoon.  He sits with his dog and feeds the birds and squirrels.  At first, I was a bit hesitant about him.  I mean, it never looks good for a man to be hanging out at a playground alone, right?  Eventually, we decided to go play on the playground even though he was there.  Once we got closer, I realized there was nothing to be concerned about.  I’ve even spoken to him several times now.  He greets me at “Tex” and Baby Boy as “Blondie” each time he sees us.

He has had quite the interesting life.  He was born in 1927, joined the Navy in WWII, and was one of the first off the boats in the Invasion of Normandy.  After the war, he worked at a grocery store for $27/week.  He got bored with that, and decided to re-enlist in the Navy.  The day he went, the Navy office was closed for lunch, so while he waited, the Coast Guard recruiters next door started chatting with him, and he spent the next 30 years in the Coast Guard.  He’s interesting to talk with, when Baby Boy lets me.

Oh and his dog is 15 years old and named Mickey.


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