Where are your ears?


We’ve been teaching Baby Boy the names of his body parts.  So far he can identify his hair, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, chin, neck, tummy, belly button, fingers, toes, and feet.

Learning “ears” was a bit more difficult for him for some reason than the other body parts.  To help him out, I would grab my ears, pull them out to the side a bit and wiggle them which made him laugh.  Since it made him laugh (which is the best sound in the world), I did it over and over again, but he now knows his “ears.”

John, however, did not know that’s how I taught him.

A couple of nights ago, John came home from work excited about a major breakthrough he made in a project he’s working on.  He told us all about it over dinner.  While I was cleaning up the kitchen, he and Baby Boy were playing on the floor in the living room.  John was saying different body parts, and Baby Boy was identifying them.  Then John asked him to find “ears.”  Baby Boy reached out, grabbed both of John’s ears, and pulled them out and started wiggling them.  John looks at Baby Boy and asks quite seriously, “Are you… are you making fun of me?”

At this point I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard in the kitchen.  John then started going on about how no matter how well respected he is in his discipline, he can always count on his family to keep him humble.

Once I was able to stop laughing enough to talk, I explained why Baby Boy was doing that.  It now makes for a pretty funny story.

* I asked John if he was okay with me sharing this story before I wrote it, and he was.


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