• Soon after returning to Seattle, we celebrated John’s birthday.  John went to work as usual, and I took Baby Boy to the doctor to get his ears checked.  He had to do two rounds of antibiotics while we were in TX.  His ears were 100% back to normal, and his pediatrician is amazing.  He let Baby Boy play with the stethoscope and otoscope.  He was able to do the entire exam while Baby Boy stayed happy and smiling which was the total opposite of our 2 visits to Urgent Care centers while in TX.  I made chicken enchiladas for dinner, and I think that was the extent of our celebration. We were probably still exhausted since Baby Boy STILL was not sleeping all night.
  • I think I went 5 or so weeks of only getting 4-5 hours of sleep at night.  Baby Boy had a horrible time sleeping in TX, mostly I assume because he was sick and in new places.  Then he had a horrible time sleeping once we got home because a lot of bad habits were made while in TX.  We were trying anything just to get him to sleep.  He has now slept from 7:30PM-7:30ishAM for the past week.  The earliest he has woken is 6:30AM and the lastest is 8AM.  Our world is slowly returning to normal.

    Sleeping in the "big bed" between Mama and Dada

    Sleeping in the “big bed” between Mama and Dada

  • I had surgery on my thumb.  I had fallen 5-6 years ago, and hit my thumb on the way down which caused a lump to form.  It wasn’t that big of a deal until I accidentally hit it against something hard while playing with Baby Boy last fall, and I went to the doctor about it.  Turns out it was a small benign tumor that needed to come out before it damaged the joint.  The hardest part of the whole ordeal were one handed diaper changes.  Baby Boy was great though and actually cooperated very well while my hand was bandaged up.
Weird lump

Weird lump



  • We’ve had a lot of cold, rainy days this month which translates to a lot of time trapped inside.  I’ve been trying to come up with fun toddler activities to do in the afternoons to keep us busy.  If anyone reading this has any good ideas, please let me know!  Yesterday, I stacked up a pyramid of paper towels and let Baby Boy run through them to knock them down.  This entertained him for almost 20 minutes.  A few days ago, we made “cloud dough” with 2 cups flour and 1/3 cup vegetable oil.  It’s softer and more crumbly than play dough, but it was easy to make and very easy to clean up.  I rolled it into little balls, and he had a blast smashing them.  Then he started exploring in the kitchen drawers.
  • IMG_3770 IMG_3776 IMG_3777 IMG_3783
  • This month, Baby Boy has started insisting on having his own plate, his own fork, and his own spoon at dinner.  Some foods are easy for him like meat, but those English peas are super tricky!  The easiest food for him to practice with is Jello.  It’s not a choking hazard, it sticks to the spoon, and it stays in it’s little pastic cup even if it gets turned upside down.  I need to pick him up a couple more sets of toddler-sized spoons and forks.
    Practicing with something far less tasty than Jello.

    Practicing with something far less tasty than Jello.


  • Baby Boy also started taking our hands and leading us to where he wants to go.  Around 6:45 PM he’s been taking my hand and leading me to the bathroom indicating he wants his bath.  Most surprisingly, he’s been taking my hand to pull me to his crib when he’s ready for his nap.
  • His most used word lately has been “uh oh.”  It’s pretty cute.


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