Hey, Remember That Time…


We gave Baby Boy Benadryl and it had the opposite of the desired effect?  He was up until 2:30 AM bouncing off the walls?

John and I will always remember last night.

So this week Baby Boy and I have both had nasty colds.  John and his immune system of steel have avoided the plague.

Last night Baby Boy woke up upset and with a horribly runny nose around 10 PM.  Our previous pediatrician had told us that if his runny nose ever got really miserable, we could try giving him Benadryl to give him some relief.  We had Benadryl on hand from the egg allergy incident, and we thought hey, it will give him some relief and get us all some much needed sleep.

HAHAHAHA  Boy were we wrong!  For some reason, this time the Benadryl had the little guy wired like he had downed a pot of coffee.  In a race, Baby Boy could have beaten Usain Bolt!  He was speeding up and down the hallway like we’ve never seen before.  At one point around 11:45 PM he was carrying a box three times his size and running.  John and I had to laugh at his hyped-up antics.

John went to bed at midnight while I stayed up waiting for the Benadryl to wear off.  Around 1 AM he started to act like his normal day time self.  By 2 AM he was rubbing his eyes.  I gave him some warm milk, rocked him, and put him in his bed around 2:30 AM.

He was up, ready to run again by 8 AM.

The medicine did help his runny nose though, but anyone have any ideas as to why he became drowsy the first two times he had Benadryl and hyper on the third?  Also, is it nap time yet?


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