An Eventful Weekend


Our new washer and dryer was not delivered on Thursday nor was it delivered on Friday.  The apartment manager called the washer/dryer company and tried to get something delivered on Friday.  The best he could work out for us was that an even nicer washer and dryer would be delivered on Monday.  Unfortunately since I had been anticipating having a washing machine again on Friday, I hadn’t done laundry in a few days because hauling the laundry and Baby Boy up and down the stairs or elevator isn’t a simple task.  So Friday night John and I stayed up late doing laundry.  It desperately needed to be done especially in case the machine was not delivered on Monday, and the laundry had to be done before Saturday because people were moving into the apartment on Saturday afternoon.  The apartment manager offered to let us use his washing machine until ours arrived, but that would be awkward. He also offered to reimburse us for having our clothes dry cleaned, but while the offers were nice, what we needed washed were baby clothes, towels, underwear, etc., and taking those to the dry cleaner would be silly.

Saturday started out slow.  We were enjoying a lazy Saturday since we had been up late (late for us at least).  Saturday afternoon our downstairs neighbors came up to meet us and brought us a bottle of wine.  They let us know they were having a party later that evening and apologized in advance if it got too loud.  They gave us their cell phone number too, and said to please let them know if we needed them to quiet things down.  Mostly we could hear the bass, but we were up anyway.  They looked like they’re maybe upper level undergrads or graduate students.

Now the reason we were up late Saturday night was because Baby Boy had an allergic reaction to eggs.

After dinner Baby Boy threw up all in his pack n play, on himself, and it ended up on us too.  I rinsed most of the throw up off the clothes and pack n play sheet in the shower, but it’s all still sitting in a bag on our balcony waiting for it’s turn in the new washer.  Great timing, right?  So John gave Baby Boy a bath while I cleaned the mess up.  While I was getting him dressed I noticed a faint rash on his tummy and that his eyelids were a little pink and puffy.

30 minutes after I noticed his eyelids looked pink, they were swollen shut.

We called the after hours number at his pediatrician’s office.  The nurse we spoke with said it was probably viral or an allergic reaction.  She listened to his breathing (which she said sounded fine) and told us to give him ibuprofen to help with the swelling, monitor his breathing, and to take him to to Seattle Children’s Urgent Care on Sunday.  So Saturday night we continued to check his breathing and while twice or so we heard a slight wheeze, it wasn’t enough to wake him to go to the ER.

He could open his eyes a little at breakfast Sunday.

Sunday we discovered we live conveniently close to Seattle Children’s Hospital.  The Urgent Care center there was great.  We had a 5 minute wait and were seen by a pediatrician.  The doctor felt pretty sure it was an allergic reaction to eggs, but recommended testing to make certain.  One dose of benadryl later and the swelling started to get better.  Baby Boy had a rash, a couple of hives, vomiting, swelling, mild wheezing, and his little tongue itched.  He kept sticking it in and out of his mouth to scratch it on his teeth.

Looking less swollen on Sunday night.

We met with our pediatrician on Monday afternoon, and he said he did not advise putting Baby Boy through allergy testing this young.  (Yay!)  He said it wasn’t necessary to put us all through that especially since most children outgrow the allergy.  His advice was to not give Baby Boy eggs, shell fish, peanuts, or tree nuts until after his 2nd birthday.  Sometime after his 2nd birthday we’ll pick a day to give him eggs again to see how he responds, if he reacts we’ll continue to avoid them.  If he doesn’t react, then we can keep trying eggs and move on to the peanuts, nuts, and shell fish.  Of the top 8 food allergens, Baby Boy has already had fish, soy, wheat, and milk without a problem.  We don’t know if he’ll react to the shell fish, peanuts, or tree nuts, but children with one food allergy are at an increased likelihood of having a 2nd.  We agree with our doctor’s advice of not finding out just yet.

Baby Boy can have small amounts of foods with eggs cooked in them.  He’s done fine with a couple of bites of cake and ice cream.  He just can’t eat a whole cupcake.  He can have foods with eggs cooked in them, but sparingly and rarely.

* 80-90% of children outgrow egg allergies by the age of 5.

** We now carry Benadryl with us at all times.


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