Story Time


Now that the rain has arrived, I’ve started looking for local toddler activities.  A mother I met at the park a few weeks ago told me about Toddler Story Time at our closest library branch.

It. was. awful.  The librarian was dry and boring.  She ruined the “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”  Another book was about mushrooms in the rain.  It was as entertaining as an encyclopedia entry on mushrooms.

One little girl, maybe 2 or so, took her shoes off, and the librarian insisted the little girl put her shoes back on before she would continue the story and lectured on how everyone must wear shoes in the library.

The real highlight was when she invited everyone to come in costume next week.  She then went on to reassure parents that she wouldn’t dress too scary this year.  Apparently last year she dressed as the “Grim Reader.”  She wore a grim reaper costume and carried books.  She wore this to TODDLER (ages 1-3) Story Time.  It sounded like parents complained, but she didn’t seem like she understood why it was a problem.

This clueless librarian is in her sixties.

Story Time wasn’t a complete bust though.  We met a little boy who is 2 weeks older than Baby Boy and his mom and met up with them again later in the week.

I don’t think we’ll be going back to that branch’s story time.


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