Our Weekend


Friday at exactly 4:42 pm I discovered our washing machine had broken.  NOOOOOO!!!!

Immediately I scooped up Baby Boy to try to catch the building manager before he left for the day.  We missed him, so I sent him an email to notify him.  I almost called the after-hours maintenance emergency number because 1) with a 13 month old, a broken washing machine IS an emergency and 2) it wasn’t 5 o’clock yet.

Early Saturday morning we saw the building manager in the elevator, and he said had been planning to come by that morning to look at it.  He seemed to think it would be an easy fix, but turns out it was not.  I’ll find out Monday if he can get the parts he needs or if we’re getting a new washing machine.  Until then he’s letting us use the washing machine in an empty apartment.  While it’s not as great as having one in our apartment, it’s certainly better than having to haul everything to a laundromat or let it pile up.

I’ve been wanting to find out why Trader Joe’s is such a big deal, so we went early Saturday morning.  It was a lot smaller than I expected.  The one we went to was about the size of a large convenience store.  For those who have been, is this the normal size?  Mostly we picked up a few seasonal items.  Our favorite items so far have been the pumpkin bread mix and the apple cider.

I added half a bag of chocolate chips to the pumpkin bread mix to make pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes and topped them with cream cheese frosting.  They turned out amazing!

We’ll be going back to stock up.


To continue our sugar high, John and I sat on our balcony and sipped hot apple cider during Baby Boy’s nap.

We agreed it was the best apple cider we’ve ever tasted.

After lunch on Saturday I noticed Baby Boy felt a little warm.  I took his temperature several times during the afternoon, and his temp hovered between 99.2 and 99.8.  Other than the low fever he was just as active and happy as usual, but we decided to keep him in the rest of the weekend just to be safe.

Sunday morning Baby Boy slept in until 8:30 am.  He goes to bed at 7:30 pm and usually wakes up around 6:45 – 7:15 am, so for him to sleep that late I knew something is up.

During his 3.5 hour afternoon nap (he skipped his morning nap since he slept in which made his afternoon nap longer than usual), I decided to try one last time to clean a pot I had scorched milk and potatoes in earlier in the week.  For days I had been letting it soak over night, then scrub it with an SOS pad the next morning.  I tried that for 3 days or so, but the bottom of the pot was still thick with the scorched milk, and I was just ruining SOS pads.  I decided this pot was a lost cause, but asked google for cleaning tips before throwing the pot out.

This website was helpful.  I started with the top of the list and boiled salt water in the pot.  I wish I had taken a picture of the before because this worked so well.  I had to do it twice since it was such a thick mess, but here’s a pic of the pot after round 1:

90% improvement

The salt water method saved the pot!

The last time I made this soup I burned the milk and potatoes, and even though I was watching for it, I did it again.  I think our current stove cooks hotter than most.  The soup is worth the effort, but if you try it, I suggest using 1-2 T of butter instead of cooking spray, doubling the brie, and using a stick blender.


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