Baby Boy Gets His Hair Trimmed


Baby Boy’s hair had started to get a little crazy over his ears, so I found a children’s hair salon a couple of miles from our apartment.  A few hours after my parents landed, we took Baby Boy to get his first haircut.  We signed up for the  full “Baby’s 1st Haircut” with the certificate and saved hair, but when we arrived, the woman said he didn’t really need a full haircut.  She just trimmed above his ears, charged us a quarter of the cost, and told us we could come back for the full deal when he has more hair.

the before picture

sitting still

It started out surprisingly well.  He sat still for a 12.5 month old, but then someone started cleaning with a vacuum.  It went downhill fast after that.  She was a huge pro and finished up fast.

trying to keep him still and calm after the vacuum

we survived!

I think his haircut makes him look older, but he looks adorable (as always)!

handsome boy


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