Nana and Granddads’ Visit (Part 3)


I promise this will be the last post on my parents’ visit!

On the Wednesday of their visit we drove about 30 minutes out to Snoqualmie Falls and the Salish Lodge & Spa.  When we first arrived it was cold and foggy, and we couldn’t see the falls.  We decided to eat lunch at the Salish Lodge’s restaurant.  I was a little nervous because this was Baby Boy’s first time eating at a restaurant with white table cloths.  He did great though!  He very much enjoyed his salmon chowder, but he loved dessert!  All four of us split a white peach panna cotta & cherry soup and a garden lavender crème brûlée.  This baby has some expensive tastes.

sweet boy napping on the drive

so foggy

such a good lunch!

After our wonderful lunch, we headed back out to the falls.  The fog had lifted and the sun was out.  According to the information pamphlet, Snoqualmie Falls is 10 stories taller than Niagara Falls.

Snoqualmie Falls

We let Baby Boy run around a bit before we loaded back up in the car. He got good and muddy just like a little boy should.

The next day we drove 20 minutes to Discovery Park.  I think this was my favorite spot we visited.  There was a forrest with hiking trails, beach, historic lighthouse, and beautiful views of the water and mountains.

Baby Boy enjoying the salty air

and it’s stroller accessible

My favorite pic of the week

After the beach we headed of to a restaurant called Chinook’s for a delicious seafood lunch.  Of course we had dessert.  We split the huckleberry ice cream and the huckleberry cobbler.  Turns out we really like huckleberry.  However, Baby Boy was not a big fan of the huckleberry lemonade.

after lunch we looked at the boats just outside the restaurant

The last day of their trip we drove a little north of Seattle, about 30 minutes, to tour a winery.  The Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery was lovely.  We took a tour, and for a 13 month old, Baby Boy did great.  The tasting at the end of the tour was in a large banquet hall with plenty of room for Baby Boy to run around.  He had blast playing in the back of the hall while the grown-ups participated in the tasting.  After the tour we headed across the street to the Barking Frog for lunch.  Mom and I had lamb burgers (#1 lamb burger in the state for the last 3 years), and Dad ordered a salad the waitress recommended.  The salad was good, but the lamb burgers were AMAZING!  Baby Boy had had a long week at this point and was not in a good mood, so I took him outside to walk for a bit.  When Dad finished his salad, he and Baby Boy explored a bit.

Our only picture from the day.

Whew!  That was a lot to do in one week with a 12 month old.  It was a really fun visit, and we look forward to getting to do it again.


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