Nana and Granddads’ Visit (Part 2)


On the Monday of their visit we ran a few errands, and Baby Boy and I took Nana and Granddad to our favorite playground.

I love how excited his sweet little face is

he loves the park

the swings are his absolute favorite

the slide is a close 2nd though

fun on the seesaw

The next day we visited Pike Place Market.  We parked at John’s office and took the South Lake Union Transit to downtown which is more commonly known by its acronym.  It was around lunch, so John was able to go with us to eat.

After we ate, John headed back to work, and we explored Pike Place Market.  The flower and food vendors were really cool to see.  If someone visits us and wants to see it, we’ll gladly take them, but we probably won’t go back on our own.

the flowers were my favorite part

To Be Continued…


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