A Bit of Excitement


We had quite the evening last night.  After dinner I was cleaning up the kitchen while John finished feeding Baby Boy when the fire alarms went off.  At first we both thought it was just our apartment, but then we saw our neighbors leaving their apartments.

Last Saturday John and I watched an episode of Sesame Street with Baby Boy.  They had a segment on fire safety which got us to discussing what we would do in case of a fire.  We talked about where our stairwells are and what we should take with us.  Perfect timing, right?

So the fire alarms were blaring and flashing.  We grabbed 1) Baby Boy and 2) our laptops & phones as well as our shoes and keys and headed down the stairs.

Maybe 30 seconds after we made it outside the firetrucks arrived.  It took the fire department 3 minutes tops to get to our building.  Not too shabby of a response time.  The apartment manager, who lives  directly above us, met the firemen, and they all rushed into the building.

Eventually the alarms were turned off, and the residents began returning to their homes.  The firemen were still in the building, so John took Baby Boy for a closer look at the trucks.

so excited to touch the firetruck

my boys

No idea what’s going on with the water. The firemen were still inside, so I assume it has something to do with that.

Hopefully our manager will post signs up on what happened.  If this happens again, we’re adding a few things to our “must grab” list.  I’ll put my laptop in my diaper bag/purse, John wants to grab his work ID, and we’ll need jackets.


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