Bad Parenting


My brother once said, “Common sense is not common to everyone.”  Today on my run I witnessed some people, parents in particular, who were severely lacking in common sense.

Baby Boy and I rounded a curve in the path to see a group of about 20 people standing in a half circle just off the path.  They were looking intently at something.  I slowed down from slow to slower to find out what was going on.

About 30 feet from the path sat a very large owl.  The closest people were 5 feet from it.  My first thought was it was probably sick or injured since it was sitting on the ground surrounded by a growing group of people.  My second thought was, “This is going to end badly.”  The majority of the group were mothers with young children with a few retirees mixed in, so basically no one looked like they had experience with wild birds.  The best idea seemed to get out of there quickly.

One mother in particular caught my eye as I continued on my way.  I had to turn around to do a double-take.  She was standing next to an empty stroller with her phone out taking photos or video of her toddler approaching the owl.  Sadly, she was not the only mother who had let her child out of their stroller.


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