Aunt Melissa’s Visit


I am so behind on blogging!

We were so glad John’s sister was able to come visit for a week before her fall classes started up which was several weeks ago now.  We were able to squeeze in a few sight-seeing activities between trips to the park and naps.  On her first evening here, John took her to a local coffee shop after Baby Boy went to bed.  That evening, the Seattle Polyamory Society was having a gathering at the coffee shop.  (If you need it, the wikipedia description for polyamory can be found here.)  Apparently all the society members were over 55.

After that introduction to the city, the next day Baby Boy and I took Aunt Melissa to Green Lake.  After John got home one evening we walked around the University of Washington campus.  (John’s trying to convince her to move to Seattle for school or an internship.)

On the UW campus. You can’t see it in the picture, but Mt. Rainier was very visible in the background centered between the trees.

On Saturday we went to the arboretum.  It was a very nice trip that we were able to fit between the morning and afternoon nap.

On Sunday John took Melissa to Pike Place Market and the Space Needle.  I had been fighting a cold all week, and was miserable with it over the weekend which is why Baby Boy and I didn’t go sightseeing with them on Sunday.

From the Space Needle

Where part of Grey’s Anatomy is filmed

On Monday, Aunt Melissa watched Baby Boy for us, and we used that opportunity to have a lunch date.  We had a lovely time watching the sea planes land and take-off from Lake Union while we ate.

We had a great time while Aunt Melissa was here, and we hope she can come back soon!



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