On His Birthday


For his first birthday, we decided to take Baby Boy to the zoo.  We should have saved the $45 and gone to the park.  The highlights of the zoo for Baby Boy were the gorilla and lion statues, watching light refract in water, and the otters.  The otters were the very last exhibit we saw before we headed home, and we were very pleased that we had finally found a real, live animal that he was excited to see.

No, Baby Boy didn’t care about the bears, lions, gorillas, penguins, jaguars, giraffes, etc., but he loved watching the otters play for a whole 5 minutes.  Watching him get so excited over the otters made the whole trip worth it.  We probably won’t go back to the zoo until he’s older and understands a little better.  We will give the aquarium a try next though.  We had debated between the two, but decided on the zoo since the weather was sunny and cool.

so happy to be at the zoo

enjoying watching the light refract in the water

exploring the gorilla

excited to touch the lion

yes! finally! a real, live animal he’s excited to see! otters!

After the zoo we had lunch at home, and Baby Boy took a long afternoon nap.  After he woke up, we sang Happy Birthday to him, and gave him his cupcake.

Several days earlier, I had decided that since it was just the 3 of us I would take the easy route and pick up cupcakes while I was at Costco.  I had scoped out cupcakes at Whole Foods, and while peach bourbon, key lime, and chocolate espresso sounded delicious, they didn’t seem right for a baby’s 1st birthday.

The only flavor Costco had the day I was there was carrot cake.  What I didn’t think of at the time is that carrot cake often has nuts in it, and when I checked the ingredients, these contained walnuts.  So the day before his birthday, I bought some chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting at Safeway.  They seemed more appropriate for a boy’s 1st birthday anyway.

blue cupcakes

Baby Boy did not like his cupcake.  We were able to coax a few bites out of him, and the only reason he’s smiling in any of the photos is because John was working very hard to get him to.  The cupcake eating ended with Baby Boy crying, so we quickly moved on to the presents.  The next night I was eating a slice the very decadent “chocolate eruption” cake John had bought me at Whole Foods, and Baby Boy wanted a taste.  Turns out he has expensive taste when it comes to chocolate and cake.  He loved it!  I guess I should have bought him a gourmet cupcake at Whole Foods after all.

Happy Birthday!

Ummm what is this?

My parents were having cupcakes with us over Skype. Here he’s looking at the screen as they coax him to take a bite.

Looking at John and smiling.

Not happy about his cupcake at all.

Right before the tears started.


All things considered, it was a very good birthday.  Baby Boy had the best time playing with “dada” all day.


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