12 Months Old


Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

It has been such a wonderful year of watching him grow and learn.  He is a good walker at this point.  He still gets tripped up on occasion when a toy gets in his way or when he’s tired, but he’s started getting faster.  Several times now he has taken off running.  One of my favorites, and I’m confident it’s one of John’s favorites too, is when Baby Boy hears John’s key in the lock at the end of the day and goes running down the hall to the door jabbering “dada” the whole way.  After dinner they play until bath time.

Wrestling with Daddy

Aaaaand it’s time for his bath

It seems I will never be rid of the moving boxes.


Some of his favorite things this month are having his teeth and gums brushed, Chipotle, ice cream, and going to the park.  Baby Boy and I have split a burrito bowl a couple of times now, and he eats almost half of it!

He has also started climbing and opening doors.  He can’t reach the locks on the exterior doors, so he can’t escape yet, but he can get into all the other doors.

When I sit with him in the floor, he’s started coming over and putting his forehead against mine.  He will stay still like that for about 30 seconds or so before he starts to giggle.  I’m not sure what’s so funny about it, but I’ll take whatever sort of snuggles from him I can get.

Playing under the table

Taking an afternoon nap after running around at the park


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