The Snack Catcher


After Baby Boy’s afternoon nap, we usually have a small snack.  Sometimes it’s fresh fruit, but if I don’t have any on hand, he usually has puffs or Cheerios which he loves.  He’ll share his Cheerios and puffs with me, but good grief he got upset the one time John tried to eat one.

I found these “snack catchers” at Target the other day, and I thought they would be a good idea to try since he makes a huge mess if I offer the snack when he’s not in his high chair.  It’s a mess in the high chair, but not a huge mess.  🙂  They even use the phrase “No more spilled snacks on the floor or car seat!”

I cleaned and filled the snack catcher and was ready for snack time.  I admit, I was pretty excited when I handed the snack catcher to Baby Boy.  Snack time just got cleaner right?

Baby Boy held it in his hands, examined it, turned it all sorts of ways, and stared at me.  He then turned it upside down, pressed the flaps open, and shook the puffs all over the floor.

After refilling the container, I demonstrated how to pick a puff out.  With a little practice he is able to do it too, but he hasn’t forgotten how to dump them all out either.


One at a time

dumping them out is faster
(yes, we still are using boxes to baby proof our fireplace)

saving them in the toy box for later


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  1. Baby Boy knows the “dumping” method is simply the more “time efficient” method. Nana’s baby is smarter than the average bear.

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