This Past Weekend


We mostly spent time at home doing a lot of nothing which was very needed.  John had flown down to San Diego on July 29 for a conference.  He had agreed to give a talk at it on Tuesday July 31 before he found out his start date at The Hutch would be Wednesday August 1.  His flight to Seattle was supposed to get in late Tuesday evening, but was delayed, so he didn’t get home until 2:30 am Wednesday.  A few hours later he was back up and headed for his new job.  At least he made it back in time though.  Missing the first day of his new job would not have been a good way to start.  So we moved to Seattle, had a few days to unpack and settle in, then John left for San Diego, and started a new job.  We needed a low-key weekend.

We ran a few errands on Saturday, and one of them was to Best Buy for a Garmin.  We both are very pleased with the one we bought.  It is making finding our way around so much easier.  A big thank you to my brother for the recommendation!  While at Best Buy, John spotted this:

John couldn’t resist.  He found out Friday that he had another paper accepted for publication, so he bought the game as a reward.  Also, how awesome is it that RGIII and Baylor are on display in a Seattle Best Buy?!?!?

For dinner we went to a little hole in the wall burger place called Rain City Burgers that some of John’s co-workers recommended.  John ordered a regular cheeseburger, but I tried a salmon burger.  Mine was delicious, and Baby Boy must have thought so too because he enjoyed helping me eat it.  John’s must have been good too because he didn’t offer to share.

After our burgers we headed down the street to try out a frozen yogurt place.  It was kinda gritty and not worth the money, so we won’t be heading back there again.  Baby Boy liked the little bites we gave him though.

More frozen yogurt please. It’s medicinal…for teething. 🙂

Sunday we talked about driving out to Mt. Rainier, but that would have been a 2 hour drive we weren’t prepared for.  Then we thought about going to the aquarium or a museum, but eventually ended up going over to Green Lake to explore a bit and grab lunch.  We stopped at a Mexican food place with a good view of the lake and ate on their patio.  It was in the shade, so even though it was “hot” in Seattle, sitting in the shade was pleasant.  We all 3 split a burrito, and while it was not Chuy’s, it was better than expected.

We put curtains up in our bedroom, but other than that, we didn’t do anything towards working on the apartment.    Everything is unpacked, but we have a lot of little things that need to be done.  We have a lot of organizing and straightening up to do still.


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