11 months old!


Only one more month until his first birthday!

This past month Baby Boy has been a trouper!  We flew from TX to WA, lived in Eastern WA for 2 weeks, then moved to Seattle.  After living in TX for 4 months with my parents and brother, being back in WA was a big adjustment for the little guy.  He had become accustomed to always having someone to play with him.  Now it’s back to being him and me during the day while John is at work.  The first few days back I think he crawled around the apartment to “inspect” everything, but to also look for his fan club.

The big news this month is he’s walking!  Yesterday he took 32 steps in row without grabbing anything for support.  He walked from the living area, down the hallway to the entry way, and stopped when he reached the window to look out.  Before that his top number of steps was around 14.  Everyday he gets better and faster at walking.  Pretty soon I’m sure I’ll be chasing a runner.  A few days ago, he would start walking, tumble, and continue on his way by crawling.  Yesterday and today he has started standing back up to keep walking.

He can see the downtown skyline and the Space Needle from here.

Before we moved to Seattle, Baby Boy found the gripper mat under my chair cushion.  I took it away from him, so what does he do?  He goes straight to John’s chair, pulls the cushion up, and grabs that gripper mat.

Smart boy!

He is also incredibly brave.  He found a way to climb on to our sofa, and after jumping around a bit, leaned over the arm of the sofa to dive off head first.   I had been watching him do this, and was able to quickly grab his little legs before he went over.  I gently let him “somersault” to the ground.  He thought this was hilarious, so what does he do at the first opportunity?  He climbs back up to do it again of course!  I now don’t keep anything near the sofa that can be used as a climbing aide, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he finds a way to do it again.

Keeping us on our toes

During the moving/unpacking process, we used our furniture, boxes, and luggage to quickly baby proof until we could buy more permanent solutions.  We now have baby gates set up, cushions on the corners of the coffee table, and outlet covers are in,  but we still need to get a few more items.  However, I don’t think we’ll ever be able to completely Baby Boy proof the apartment.

You think this is going to stop me?
He pulled the pillow out from under the table to use to climb onto the table to get to the TV.

No pillow to use to go over? Not a problem. Baby Boy will go under.

One of our favorite things about our new apartment is how close we are to a couple of parks.  I haven’t made as much progress unpacking as I would have liked, but sometimes we just have to go to the park and swing.

July 31st and we needed jackets. Crazy!

And because I can’t get enough of his cuteness:

Hey Daddy, share some of that cake with me!

Paper towel cardboard or sword?

Love the hair curl above his ears

Yum! Baby Boy liked ravioli.

He has 5 teeth now

Such a happy and sweet baby!


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  1. He is growing up too fast! I love the post updates and pictures! I laughed outloud at the picture of you hanging onto his foot while he is dangling over the end of the couch. :). Many hugs, Phyllis

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