Picking the Movers


We waited until almost the last minute to hire our packers and movers which is very unlike me.  We’ve had a lot going on lately though.  While still in TX, I googled movers and came up with a list of 5.  John called all 5 after we got back to WA, and eventually set up appointments with 3 of them to come to the apartment to assess our stuff and provide estimates.

Mover #1:  He was able to squeeze us in and came by an hour after John called him.  It was that or wait a week.  This guy was nice and we had a good feeling about him.  Even Baby Boy seemed to like him.  He was eating his lunch while Kenny, the mover, was here and smiled and waved from his high chair.  After Kenny left, John said as long as he wasn’t a lot higher than the other estimates, he wanted to go with him.

Mover #2:  This guy looked like he was on the D-line in college 20 years ago.  He was enormous!  He also smelled really, really bad.  I had a bad feeling about him and couldn’t wait to get him out of our apartment.  Baby Boy did not like this guy either.  He fussed a bit the entire time he was here, and when the guy tried to get Baby Boy to smile at him, he would stare blankly at him.  Baby Boy wanted him gone too.

Mover #3:  This guy…oh wow.  He was dressed so trendy.  He was probably in his early 30s.  I could not tell you much more about him beyond he was about John’s height and had brown hair because I could not get past his clothes.  He had on pointy toed shoes, skin tight jeans, and sun glasses that would have made Elton John jealous.  Baby Boy was none too impressed with him either.  The guy had assessed all the rooms except the living area.  While he was assessing the main living area, he tried to get Baby Boy to smile at him, but instead of smiling, Baby Boy looked him straight in the eye, turned bright red, let out some grunts, and filled his diaper.  This guy became flustered and could not get out of our apartment fast enough!  Clearly Baby Boy did not think too highly of this guy either.

Here’s hoping our move goes smoothly this weekend with Mover#1!


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