10 Months Old!


This post is a little shorter than usual.  I had post-baby surgery #3 this past Thursday, so I hope you’ll excuse the post’s brevity.

Baby Boy has a new game this month.  He picks a ball out of his swimming pool of balls, throws it away from him, and then chases it.  Once he catches up to it, he swats it away again and off he goes again.  He will crawl after the ball all over the house.  When it gets stops against a wall or piece of furniture, he will pick it up and toss it in a different direction.  When the ball goes under furniture or around a corner, Baby Boy knows to go around to the other side or around the corner to find his ball.  As his mother, I find this impressive.  He can’t see where the ball is, but he understands where it should be.

He has also started letting go of furniture and standing on his own for a few seconds.  He even attempted to take a step a few times this past week.

Playing “baby soccer”

Fell asleep on a run

Enjoying the ride while Mommy pulls him around the house in a laundry basket

Watching the rain

Fun with our puffs (like cheerios, but dissolve faster for babies)

Every time someone opens the refrigerator, Baby Boy speed crawls over wanting to look inside. This time Nana gave him a boost to check it out.

We love playing on Nana and Granddad’s big bed!

Baby Boy is the only person allowed to jump on the bed and tackle the pillows.

Uh oh! Mommy left the baby wipes within his reach.

Baby Boy has figured out that if he puts a toy in his mouth, he can take it with him where ever he crawls. I think it’s hilarious when he puts the monkey’s tail in his mouth or his teddy bear’s nose to carry around. He carries his sippy cup this way too.

Hugging his Ted and wearing his very adorable baby Toms.

He loves Chobani Greek yogurt! If he sees any of us eating it, he crawls over to beg for some. He can have just eaten a large meal, but if he sees yogurt, you better be prepared to share with him.


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  1. Our house is going to be entirely toooooooooooo quiet next week. I’m going to miss “Nana’s Sugar Bear”.

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