9 Months Old


I say this every month, but where does the time go?  It seems like it was last week I was behind schedule writing his 8 month post.  He’s been keeping me busy this month too.  Baby Boy has gotten faster at crawling, and is crawling everywhere he can get to now.  He investigates everything too.  He can pull up on just about anything he can get his hands on, and then grabs for anything he can reach.  I spend a lot of my day following him around keeping him out of trouble.

He checks out the dishwasher several times a day

Trying to open the doors

Caught you!

He can also “cruise” along furniture now.  There’s a bench in my parents’ living room he likes to cruise up and down, the hearth, and just about any long piece of furniture.  He’s working on going from one piece of furniture to another but is a little shaky with that still.


We didn’t go for our 9 month check-up.  We’ll wait until we are back in WA to do that.  They don’t give shots or do anything at 9 months that can’t wait until he’s 10 months, so I don’t know how much he weighs or how tall he is.  He wears 18 month clothes now, but has two outfits in the 12 month size that still fit.  There does not seem to be size standards in baby clothes.  Most brands stay consistent within their brand, but the size variations between brands can vary a lot.

The big news this month is Baby Boy now says “Mama!”  Or Mamamamamama when he really wants something.

He’s still a great sleeper.  He sleeps from about 7 pm – 6:30-7 ish am.  For a week or so, Baby Boy was napping from 11am-2pm, but that wasn’t working well by 5 pm.  We’re trying a 10:30 am – noon, then 2-3:45 pm schedule that seems to be working better.  I could (and probably will) write a whole post on our nap time trials from this past month! Once he’s asleep, it’s great, but getting him to sleep was a struggle.

So tired

Eating has gotten a lot messier this month.  Baby Boy wants to “help” me feed him.  He gets his own spoons to play with to keep his hands occupied, but he sticks the empty spoons in his mouth, food gets on the spoon, and then he ends up flinging it.  He also likes to stick his hands in his mouth when his mouth is full of food, then grab his ears, hair, or anything within his reach.  The most fun though is when he blows raspberries with his mouth full.  Well at first I think he was blowing raspberries, but when he saw how fun spraying food all over me was, he gotten more forceful with it.  We’re working on not doing this anymore.  I think we’re making progress.  (fingers crossed!)  He does like what I’m feeding him.  He eagerly opens his little mouth up for more after he sprays it out.


He likes almost all baby food except for squash.  I tried it, and it was disgusting.  I asked my grandfather for some fresh squash out of his garden and made Baby Boy some homemade baby food squash.  It was so much better than the store bought version.  The ingredient label said it was squash and water, but something went horribly wrong with it.  I’ve also given him tastes of food I’m eating.  He loved spicy chipotle hummus and got upset when I wouldn’t give him more of it.  He also really liked shredded sharp cheddar cheese, cool whip, and grape and orange popsicles.  He was not a fan of the strawberry popsicle John let him taste, but he liked the grape and orange ones.

This month being tickled and pulling hair make him giggle.  A couple of nights ago, he spit up all over his pajamas, and for some reason, this gave him the giggles.  I changed his clothes while he was still giggling.  Then he spit up all over the clean pajamas and started giggling even harder.  I changed him again.  His giggle fit lasted for a good 10 minutes, and when a baby giggles, you can’t help but join them.  I don’t know what got into him.  He had never gotten the giggles before after spitting up, but we were both still giggling when I put him in his bed for the night.

Things Baby Boy does not like:

He absolutely throws a fit when I wipe off his hands and face after he eats.

He does not like having his diaper changed or clothes put on him.  It’s more that he does not like having to stay still for them.  He has a few outfits I can get on him while he’s on the move, and as long as he’s not slowed down too much, he stays happy.

The hairdryer scares him now.  It didn’t bother him before, but a few weeks ago it started to scare him.  I only blow dry my hair now when I have something that I want my hair to look nice for.  Otherwise it gets pulled back wet.  I hope he gets over this by winter though.  I decided to get my hair trimmed while we’re here in TX though.  The girl I went to did a really good job.  She was asking me questions about my day to day routine with my hair.  When I told her what it was, she naïvely asked me if I felt lazy for not styling my hair everyday.  She’s young.  She’ll learn someday why no, I do not feel lazy for not styling my hair everyday.  🙂  She wasn’t asking it to be mean or critical at all.  She’s just young.


Laundry TV

Watching the laundry with Nana


So focused!

Caught you again!

Bubble mohawk

Playing with our very own laptop

He can operate the light and lullabies on his own.

Making a mess

I wanna go outside and play!

Let me try taking a few pictures

Such a happy boy


and my favorite of the month


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