A Summertime Treat


Most afternoons after Baby Boy’s nap and snack we go outside to swing.  After we get him set up, we often grab a popsicle for ourselves.  It’s the Texas Gulf Coast, and it’s HOT.

John was able to come down for a day and a half to spend time with us, and yesterday during our swinging time, he let Baby Boy have a little “taste” of his popsicle.

Hmmm… kinda cold

I don’t like this!

Why did you let Daddy do that?!?!

Have I mentioned how curious and active he’s become?

The other day I stepped out in the garage to put some clothes hangers away or check the dryer or I don’t remember what.  It was just for a brief moment.  Baby Boy was happily playing with his toys, so I felt safe to step away quickly.  While I was in the garage, he quickly crawled over to the door leading to the garage and pulled up on it.  Yep…I was stuck in the garage.  He and I stood there looking through the glass at each other.  If I tried to open the door he would have fallen back, so there we were.  Fortunately my dad was home at the time and was able to rescue us.  Lesson learned.


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