Eureka! (I hope)


I posted about this earlier, but just a reminder of what happened:  We started rice cereal when Baby Boy was 6 months old.  He hated it.  He liked the other veggies and fruits, but we had to do a lot of coaxing to get him to eat rice cereal.  After we got to TX, he started sleeping horribly.  Naps were short, he’d fuss a lot during the day, not sleep all night, cry at night, etc.  Something was not right.  We attributed his problems to the time change, time difference, and being in a new place.  Then he started spitting up and having a lot of tummy trouble.

We stopped the solids, waited a week and a half, then started giving him only rice cereal again.  After 2 weeks of this, we started adding the fruits and veggies again.  Unfortunately, we ran out of his brand of rice cereal.  It’s easy to find in WA, but not so easy in TX it seems.  I ordered some from amazon because he was finally liking rice cereal, and I didn’t want to switch brands on him especially since he had gotten everything back to normal.  The cereal should have been delivered on a Saturday, but it was delayed for some reason.  Instead of buying him another brand, it seemed like a good idea to feed him baby oatmeal, which he likes, until the rice cereal arrived.

I fed him the oatmeal for breakfast.  He gobbled it up, but became a little fussy during the day.  Then he woke up from his afternoon nap doing the pain cry.  I picked him up to rock him.  He had some odd sounding burps before he calmed down.  It hit me.  It’s the oatmeal!  After we arrived in TX, I started feeding him oatmeal instead of the rice cereal.  I’m so glad we found out what the problem was.  I had not been looking forward to restarting solids, but now that I’m pretty certain oatmeal was the problem, we’ve been moving forward easier with the solids.

I ended up buying him a different brand of rice cereal to eat until his comes in the mail.  You would think one brand of rice cereal would taste the same as another, but apparently not.  This new brand takes even more parenting tricks to get him to eat it.


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