What bath time looks like


Right before we left WA, Baby Boy outgrew his first baby bath tub.  I looked at different bath tubs and bath rings, and decided to try the Leachco cushioned bath tub.  We’ve been using it for a little over a month now and have been very pleased with it.  Some reviewers complained that it floats a bit, but Baby Boy enjoys being pulled back and forth in the tub like on a raft.  It doesn’t move in the tub unless I’m tugging on it, so that’s not a problem.  I also like that it’s soft, and it works well with Baby Boy sitting or stretched out.

Sitting up in the tub

Kicking back relaxing

We keep all our bath things in the little green basket.  The shampoo/body wash, bubble bath, pitcher, duckie, and bath thermometer.  We use the Baylor stadium cushion to kneel on.

The supplies

We used to use Johnsons & Johnsons bath products when we first brought him home, but Baby Boy has sensitive skin.  His skin and hair did not feel soft like a baby’s skin and hair should with the J&J.  The pink J&J lotion irritated his skin so much that he broke out in a rash.  After we switched to the California Baby products, I’ve noticed a huge difference in his skin and hair.

The shampoo/body wash doesn’t bubble up, so I had a capful of the bubble bath to give Baby Boy some bubbles to play in.  It’s more expensive than J&J, but it’s also a lot more concentrated.  I think it’s especially worth it since he J&J irritated Baby Boy’s skin.

The California Baby comes in different “scents.”  We have the calming lavender one.  We also have the bubble bath for colds and stuffy noses.  I’ve used it a few times with Baby Boy, and when my allergies had me stuffy, I’ve noticed a difference for myself after I give him his bath.  The label also says it helps with sore muscles, and after days where Baby Boy has been especially active or held a lot, I’ll use that one.

At his 6 month check-up, we had to wait awhile in the exam room for his doctor.  I sat with him on the exam table, and by the time the doctor came in the room, Baby Boy’s back had broken out in a rash.  His doctor said it was a reaction to the paper covering the exam table.  It was the same reaction he had to some of the J&J products.

Bubble bath and shampoo/body wash

After his bath, I massage him with the lotion, comb his hair, and use a little powder in his diaper.  The lavender scent isn’t overwhelming, and even if he doesn’t always need the calming affect of the aromatherapy, mommy certain does after chasing him after him all day.

Stuff to make him smell so good


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