For Easter, Baby Boy and I rented a car to drive to Waco to pick up John.  The week before we were planning to leave, I reserved an SUV.  Baby Boy and I do not travel light and needed plenty of cargo room.  When I went to pick it up, they tried to give me a Mazda5, and they tried to convince me that a Mazda5 is an SUV.  The guy kept pushing that it was a SUV, but I kept telling him, no it wasn’t.  Then he tried to tell me the Mazda5 was a crossover, and therefore a free upgrade.  The Mazda5 is more of a crossover between a minivan and economy car, not a crossover between a car and SUV.  There is no way we could have gotten everything (stroller, pack n play, luggage, etc) in it.  Anyway, the company ended up upgrading us to a larger SUV for free, delivering it to my parent’s house, and giving a discount for having it to me 5 hours late.

It refuses to be categorized!

The next morning Baby Boy and I were off to Waco.  He slept most of the way, but woke up about 30 minutes out of Waco and became a bit fussy.  I sang lots of rounds of I’m a Little Teapot, ABCs, Jesus Loves Me before we made to our destination.  Baby Boy and John were so excited to see each other.  We fed Baby Boy, then grabbed our lunch at Chipotle.  Our part of WA desperately needs a Chipotle!  Then we took him around the Statistics Department and the library to meet professors, grad students, and the people we used to work with in the library before heading on to Dallas.

Meeting Addy. Baby Boy really liked gnawing on her fingers. Addy said it was because he liked the Brazilian flavor.

We were in the Dallas area Wednesday night through Monday morning.  Baby Boy met so many new people.  In the span of 5 days, he met more new people and went to more new places than he had in the past 7  months!  All in all he did really well for a 7 month old.  Toward the end of the trip, he started getting cranky faster, and by Easter was worn out.  We did not get a single picture of him on Easter in his Easter outfit.  By that point, he was not in the mood for pictures.

He had just woken up from a nap in the next few pictures.


Playing pat-a-cake

The next few pictures were at the end of our visit, and Baby Boy was getting sleepy. As soon as we got in the car, he fell asleep.

Little fingers grabbing facial hair

One of Baby Boy's favorite people on this trip was John's cousin, Alan. They had fun playing together.

Looking at Easter egg lights

So worn out from his visits

On our drive back down to my parents’ house, we had to stop in Waco again for John to meet with his advisor.  While they talked math, Baby Boy and I went shopping at the Baylor Bookstore, then started walking around campus.  I took some really bad pictures of him.  I had it on the “sports” setting on my camera.  Now that Baby Boy is constantly moving, I’ve found that setting to generally work the best.  Except in the pictures below.

By the time I realized how bad the photos were, John called to let me know they were done and were ready to head to Uncle Dan’s BBQ for lunch.  Hopefully we’ll get back up there again in the near future to get some much better pictures of Baby Boy around campus.

After lunch we got back on the road again.  Baby Boy slept for a few hours, but when he woke up he was ready to be out of his carseat.

Are we there yet?

Drive faster Daddy!

I want out NOW!

I think Daddy needed a little something to calm his nerves when we got back after driving through Houston work traffic with a very miserable Baby Boy.

That was a whirlwind trip!  We did a lot and saw a lot of John’s family.  Unfortunately we did not get nearly enough photos of everyone with Baby Boy.  Perhaps next time we will be able to get more between naptimes, bedtimes, and eating.


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  1. It was so great seeing y’all, and finally meeting that sweet boy!!! I love that I made it into yor pics!!! I really enjoyed our visit with you.

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