7 Months Old


This past month flew by!  Between preparing for our trip, traveling, and adjusting to TX, we’ve been busy.  Baby Boy won’t have another check-up until he’s 9 months old, so I’m guessing he’s maybe about 21 lbs and 28-29 in.  He has three 9 month outfits in one brand, but in all the others he is firmly in the 12, 12-18 month size.

He is sitting up much better now.  I haven’t been letting him practice too much since we got here.  My parents just had tile put down in their house, and if someone can’t sit right there with him on his play mat, I put him on his tummy or back still so he won’t hurt his head.  He loves to roll though.  So much so that he will sit on his own for awhile, but then arch his back hard and fling himself back to take off rolling again.  Thus why we don’t leave him on his own sitting up.  He has adapted his rolling to the tile.  He slows down and gently puts his head down on it when he rolls from tummy to back.  He does like being on his tummy and spinning himself on the tile.

Spinning on the tile

Baby Boy has stopped getting on his hands and knees as much as he used to.  It might have something to do with the flooring.  He gets up on his hands and knees a lot when he’s in his bed, a room with carpet, or his crib, but not as much on the play mat or tile.

Practicing in his crib

I bought a video monitor to use at my parents’.  I hadn’t bought one before because our apartment isn’t that big, I can easily peep in to see him without him seeing me, and it’s just Baby Boy and me there all day.  I’ve been surprised with how much I’ve enjoyed having it.  The camera portion can do infrared, plays lullabies, and can act as a nightlight.  All of it can be controlled with the parent control.

This past month he likes I’m a Little Teapot, If You’re Happy and You Know It, and Jesus Loves Me.  With Jesus Loves Me I change all the “me” to his name.  He almost always smiles when I do that.  It’s really sweet.  He does not like Jesus Loves the Little Children.  Sometimes when he’s fussy, and I try singing to calm him.  That song makes things worse for some reason.  As for not children specific music, he likes to dance to the Beatles, Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes, and Touch It/Technologic by Daft Punk.

This past month’s funny phrase: Put the lime in the coconut, Bazinga!, Parfait, BU!, You’re going to think our last name is Baylor, silly wiggly toes, and many, many more that I should write down as they happen.

My parents picked up a little swing for Baby Boy to use while he’s here.  We weren’t too sure if he was like it or not since he didn’t like the indoor baby swing, but this one he loves!  He will swing for over an hour if we’ll let him.  I generally won’t let him swing for more than 45 – 60 min just so he has time to do other activities like play in his ball pit.  My mom bought him a baby swimming pool and filled it with colorful balls.  He loves playing in it with toys, and the balls help cushion him if he topples over.


So much fun!

About a week after we arrived in TX, we invited my grandparents to join us for lunch.  We put Baby Boy in his activity jumper in the dining room with us while we ate.  I don’t remember who, but someone noticed he had a tiny bit of spit-up on one of the toys.  I got up to clean it, and Baby Boy clearly said “uh-oh!”  He also says “hey” now.  Mostly he mimics “hey” back to us.  I’m not counting either of those as words though.

In addition to flying in an airplane this past month, and all the firsts that came with the trip, he also has experienced his first thunderstorm.  We don’t get a lot of rain in WA.  It’s very rare and usually more of a heavy sprinkle.  The locals panic about driving in rain.  They start driving 10-15 miles below the speed limit or avoid going out in it at all.  Anyway, Baby Boy hasn’t been afraid of the thunder and lightning.  He notices it, but doesn’t seem bothered by it.  What does bother him is coughing and throat clearing.  He definitely does not like when people do those.  If I’m feeding him at night and he falls asleep before he’s finished, all it takes is me clearing my throat to wake him up.  We can say his name, put him on the ground, wiggle him, but the only thing that wakes him is throat clearing.

Baby Boy finally got his first tooth!  People have been telling me he was teething since he was 2.5 months old.  The week before the tooth popped he was chewing on his toys a little more, drooling a little, a little fussy, and waking an hour or so earlier in the morning.  Really the whole thing wasn’t that bad.  We’ve had people telling us how horrible babies are while teething.  Words like “monster,” “nightmare,” “holy terror” were used with teething.  After the difficulties with solid foods, the first tooth was a breeze.  I wasn’t even totally convinced he was teething until I saw the tooth starting to come up under the gum.


And a whole of lot favorites:

Cute puppy pjs

Skyping with Daddy

Trying to find the drain in all the bubbles

He loves his bath

I wish this had been a higher quality photo

Digging in a toy box

Finally! I get pictures of him and me.


Playing with Ted


Baby Burrito

Blue peepers

What are you talking about Granddad?

Going for a stroll

Reading with Daddy


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