Sleep Troubles


After we got to TX, Baby Boy stopped sleeping through the night.  He’s been sleeping through the night since Thanksgiving.  And by sleeping through the night, I mean 8 pm – 7:30 am.  Since October he had been sleeping from 8 pm – 4 am ish, eating, then going straight back to sleep before waking again at 7 – 7:30 am.  I have been so spoiled!  He also is a great napper.  Usually naps from 9-11am, then again from 1-4pm.  Once we got to TX, he was a horrible sleeper.  I chalked it up to being in a new place with new people.  However, the week and a half before we left WA, all 3 of us had had a cold, so he was waking a bit in the night then too, but only to fuss a few seconds before shifting positions and falling back to sleep.  That I attributed to having a cold.  The week and a half after we arrived, he would wake up several times in the night, fuss a lot during the day, and take short 20-40 minute naps.  He also started spitting up again.  By his 6 month check-up, his spit-up was more like droplets than puddles.  After getting TX, we had puddles again.  (Sorry about your shirt, Phyllis.)

I tried all kinds of “experiments” to see what was wrong.  What did finally work was cutting out solids.  After 1 day of cutting out solids, he was back to sleeping all night and happy all day.  I’m planning to take a few days (or longer if needed) off solids before starting back at a much slower rate.  Our pediatrician had told us to start with cereal and green veggies 2-3 times a day, and to introduce a new food every 4 days.  I think we’re going to start back up with smaller amounts of food once a day, and introduce a new food after 1 week.  At this age, solids are still just “practice” and not his primary source of nutrition.  Hopefully this change makes it easier on his tummy.

When he was having his sleep/tummy troubles, I was able to get the best sleep with him right next to me.  I’m not a big fan of having Baby Boy sleep in our bed because of the blankets that can be pulled over his face or fluffy pillows.  Below is a picture I texted John of Baby Boy sleeping sweetly in the bed along with that night’s difficulties.


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