Wow, that was a dumb idea!


What were we thinking?  Why did we schedule a 6 AM flight 2 days after the “spring forward” time change?  Why did we think this was a good idea with a 6 month old?  Probably because it takes all day to get from there to here. ALL DAY.  On top of spring forward, we get to change time zones too.

The Friday before the time change, Baby Boy woke up from his afternoon nap an hour and a half early.  Instead of trying to get him back to sleep, I opted to just go with it.  We bumped up bath time and bed time by an hour.  It worked perfectly.  Saturday morning I got up and went ahead with changing the clocks.  It didn’t really matter to us what time it was on Saturday, but we had Baby Boy on the “spring forward” time already.  Not too shabby.

Then we decided that since that went well, maybe on Saturday night try starting the bath time/ bed time routine at 6:30 pm, Sunday night at 6:00 pm, and Monday night at 5:30 pm.

I think maybe we were a little excited to be getting back to TX.  We were ready to see family and friends, show off the cutest baby in the world (maybe a tiny bit biased), have some warm weather, and eat Tex-Mex.  It’s been 10 months since I last had good Mexican food.  The Mexican food here is called “West-Mex,” and it’s very, very different.  We went to a nearby restaurant soon after moving here.  We ordered enchiladas and a burrito thinking those were pretty safe options.  They served our food with a side of refried beans, rice, and cole slaw.  Yes.  Cole slaw.  They even put shredded cabbage on top of my chicken and cheese enchiladas.  John had the cole slaw side as well and his burrito tasted like they added a pound of sugar to it.  That was our second and last experience with West-Mex.  With our first, they put sunflower seeds in my burrito.  A more accurate name for it would have been a Mexican inspired wrap.  Not bad, but weird.

The morning of our flight, Baby Boy woke up at 1:30 am and was ready to go.  Our alarm clock was set for 3:00 am, but Baby Boy wanted to make sure we didn’t miss our flight.  We made it to the airport around 4:30 am, John unloaded the car while Baby Boy and I watched our luggage.  Then we made our way to the ticket counter line.  For 4:30 am, it was a long line.  Half-way through the line, I realized we had left the base to the carseat in the car. John ran to the car.  He had actually left it in a “no-parking” area near the door with the intention of moving it after we checked our bags.  That ended up working out really well for us.  While John was getting the base, I was left in line with our 4 bags for checking, carry-ons, stroller, and baby.  I was able to keep us moving forward, but the people behind me in line kept giving dirty looks.  Our trip was not getting off to a good start.

While Baby Boy and I waited in the long security line, John ran and put the car in long term parking.  We made it through security, and had time for a bathroom stop and to buy water before we boarded the plane.  Whew!  I had planned to feed Baby Boy during take-off, but he had other plans.  He ate as soon as we got on the plane, and fell asleep during take-off!  YES!!!  He slept for about the 1st 30-45 minutes of the flight.  Then when he woke up, he spent some time playing with his toys and playing peek-a-boo with the 1 year old baby sitting behind John.

We had a 3 hour layover before boarding our next flight.  This was a much larger plane, and John thought the cabin air pressure would change much faster on this flight which could cause Baby Boy more discomfort than our previous flight.  The older gentleman sitting in the window seat next to us looked rather crankily at us when he sat down.  We know what he was thinking.  He had the look of “Great.  I get stuck next to the only baby on the plane…”    The flight was delayed about 20 minutes, so I ended up having to feed Baby Boy while we were waiting to take on.  Then he fell asleep AGAIN during take-off and slept the whole 2.5 hour flight!!!  He couldn’t have been a better behaved baby.  The flight attendants kept calling him an “angel.”  He did get a bit fussy after we had landed in Texas while we were waiting to get off the plane, but hey, most of the adults were getting restless at this point too.

He’s had some trouble sleeping at night since we got here.  Probably between the 3 hour time change to his schedule and all the “new,” it’s been a lot for him to adjust to.  He’s starting to do much better though.  I guess he’s  taking after me in that I also take a little longer to adjust to changes as well.  Before coming to TX, Baby Boy spent all day with me, and then Daddy came home and played with him in the evenings.  We pretty much kept the exact same schedule day in and day out, so staying in a new place and meeting new people has been a very big deal for our little guy.

* The airport we flew out of only has 6 gates.  It is not a big airport at all, so why in the world was it so crowded on a Tuesday at 4:30 am?  If you ever have flown out of the Waco airport or watched the old television show Wings, it’s like that.


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