Dr. P


We really like our pediatrician.  He has a dry sense of humor, and is great with Baby Boy.  They are best buddies.  We like his nurse too, but she’s the one with the needles at the end of the appointment.  The last two times he got his shots, Baby Boy had a surprised look on his face right before he started to cry.  This look of, “What?  Why would you do this?  I thought you were nice?!?!”

Anyway, our pediatrician has 6 kids, so he has lots of experience with babies.  I took Baby Boy in this week to get checked out.  I assumed it was a nasty cold, but thought I might as well get him looked at before the weekend.  It was just a nasty cold.  When I mentioned to the doctor that Baby Boy hates having his nose suctioned out.  Our doctor says, “Yeah, you don’t really have to do that unless it gets really, really bad.  Generally suctioning out their nose only makes the snot worse.  They get worked up and make even more than was there in the first place.”  That little tidbit of advice sounded more like 6 babies worth of experience than years as a pediatrician.

At one of our first visits when Baby Boy was a week old, we mentioned that Baby Boy hated getting a bath.  The nurse tried to be helpful by telling us that most babies start to enjoy bath time more when they can be submerged in water.  Up to that point we were only able to give sponge baths until the umbilical cord fell off.  The doctor looked at us and completely straight-faced told us, “I do not recommend you ever submerge a baby.”  The nurse starts stammering and saying that of course we shouldn’t submerge our baby.  Of course keep his head above water.  We joke about it still.  “Don’t overfill the bath.  We don’t want to submerge the baby!”  Maybe it was so funny because he was only a week old and we were sleep deprived, but we still laugh.

Dr. P can get Baby Boy to smile and giggle, and he’s pretty funny for us too.  Now that I think of it, I think Dr. P likes it when John is able to join us for doctor visits.  He’s a big BYU basketball fan, and he and John talk college basketball.  Hmm… my doctor seems to look a little happier when he walks into the room and sees John.  They also talk a lot of college football and basketball.


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