A Rookie Mistake


A lesson I learned not early enough was:  if it doesn’t bother him, it doesn’t bother me.  This lesson was learned early one morning when Baby Boy was around 5 weeks old.  At that time, his nighttime eating was something like 8:30pm,  2-3am, and 7:30-8am.  I could be off on that.  Everything was/is such a blur for those first 2 months.

Anyway…on this particular morning, I had gotten up to feed him around 2 am, and once he was finished he went right back to sleep as did I.  He woke me up around 6am loudly pooping in his diaper.  (On a side note:  How in the world could John sleep through all that noise?)  I stayed in bed debating whether I should get up to change the diaper or try to go back to sleep and change the diaper at 7:30am.  I couldn’t stand the thought of my sweet baby boy sleeping in a dirty diaper for an hour and a half, so I quietly tip-toed to his crib to check on him.  He was asleep.  Do I wake him up or let him sleep?  Oh the predicament.  (Next thought: How did they BOTH sleep through that racket?)

So I debated.  I decided to go ahead and change the diaper.  Removing the swaddle blanket woke him.  He didn’t cry, but seemed confused as to what in the world I was doing.  I unsnapped the pajamas, took off the diaper, and WHAT?!?! it was just gas?  I woke a sleeping baby for nothing?!?  I went ahead and grabbed a fresh diaper to put on him, but before I could get it on, he peed all over his pajamas, the changing table, his bassinet, and my hands.  I cleaned him up, got fresh pajamas, removed all the wet sheets, blankets, changing pad, etc. and replaced them with clean, dry ones.  I set him down on the clean changing table again to wipe him down again now that he wasn’t laying on a wet changing table, and he peed again!  All over everything I had cleaned up.  Plus it ended up pooled in his eyelids, all over the carpet, and my shirt was soaked.  Still he didn’t cry.  He just stared at me with a confused look on his face.

Why?  Oh why didn’t I leave well enough alone?!?!

By this point it was about 7 am.  I put a blanket down on the floor.  I cleaned Baby Boy and got him dressed for the day.  I left him on the blanket to start the process of cleaning the pee up a second time.  Then I started fishing through the dryer for a clean shirt for myself.  While I was doing that he POOPS.  Not normal poop, but the running out the diaper down the legs and up the back poop.  It was all over him, his pajamas, the blanket…  so I cleaned him up yet again.  At that point it was 7:30am, I was exhausted, he’s hungry, and John is about to leave for work.  What a way to start the day!

I now coat his little bottom in aquaphor before bed, so if he does dirty up his diaper while he’s asleep, his skin is better protected.  Plus now that he sleeps in his room, I doubt he would wake me unless he needed me.


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