Irresistible Blinking Lights


a.k.a the cable modem. Baby Boy is fascinated by the cable modem lights.  Before John hid the modem, he would roll to it and play with the lights until we caught him.  For example, I left him on the complete other side of the living area with a few of his toys while I put a load of laundry in the dryer.  By the time I checked on him, he had made it to the cable modem.  He had to have maneuvered around the ottoman before he having a straight line to the cable modem.  He is quite the skilled roller.  He can get almost anywhere he wants by rolling.  If he has to go around the sofa or a corner, it takes a few tries, but he makes it.  Sometimes I’ll get out of his way, sit in the rocking chair, and watch him roll.  It’s like watching a new driver learning to parallel park.  Forward, back, forward, back… but he gets around, and he’s getting fast at it.  He is keeping us on our toes!

the siren song of the modem

it was just here yesterday

where did dad move it to?


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