My Personal Trainer


So for Christmas my parents gave us the BOB Revolution SE, and we LOVE it!  When we walk with it, there is only a little more resistance than pushing on air.  Running up hill with it is a bit harder.  🙂  Baby Boy really enjoys going for runs.  We’ll stop and peep in at him to make sure he’s happy (okay, maybe that’s my excuse to catch my breath…), and he’s either smiling or asleep.  I’m ready for warmer weather and less wind, so we can get out and use it more.

A 3 mile run wears a baby out

But he wakes up happy

Toasty warm with his weather cover

On days that are too cold or too windy, we stay inside, and I workout with a DVD.  Baby Boy enjoys that too.  I put him in his jumper while I workout since he’s rolling EVERYWHERE.  Apparently watching me do bootcamp and kickboxing style workouts are funny.  Baby Boy gets the giggles when I do big movements like jumping jacks and high knees.  Yesterday I paused the DVD to get some water, and he started fussing until I started up again.  Seriously, he is the best personal trainer.  He’s going to have me half marathon ready in no time!

Go Mommy Go!

Yesterday we had temperatures in the low 60s, but 20-30 mph sustained winds with gusts up to 50-60 mph.  Isn’t that just nuts?

** We checked with our pediatrician before taking him out for jogs.  We talked about how fast I run (slowly) and how fast I would most likely run with a stroller (slower).  Also, we talked about Baby Boy’s head control and about what temperatures were okay to take him out in.  We were given the green light to take him out for runs at the 5 month mark.


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