5 Months Old

Length: 27 in

Weight: 19.5 lbs

*I measured and weighed him at home, so they are not quite as accurate as his pediatrician’s measurements.

Clothing Size: 9 months still fit and a few 12-18 months aren’t too big.

Diaper: Size 3

This past month he learned to roll from his back to his tummy.  Within days of picking up this new skill, he can now make it across the living room in about a minute.  He rolls until he ends up against a wall or piece of furniture, and then if he’s on his tummy, he tries to “crawl.”  He can scoot forward about a foot or so before he gets tired and frustrated.  I pick him up, set him back in the middle of the living room, and he’s off again.  If his eyes are open, he’s moving.  He’s figured out that he needs to pull his knees under his hips, and then push forward.  Sometimes he does both legs at once and other times he does one at a time.  His little hands dig into the carpet to try to pull himself forward.  It’s only a matter of time now before he gets this all coordinated together.  Then I’ll turn around to find him in another room entirely.

Are you watching me mommy?

Did you see that? I did it!

Must reach my warrior armband!

The other evening we were eating dinner and Baby Boy was watching us from the floor playing with his rattle teething toy.  It slipped and ended up on his arm, and I called it a bracelet.  John corrected me and said, “No, it’s his warrior armband.”

Chief Sitting Duckie

Baby Boy still enjoys playing on his play mat.  He’s a bit rougher on it now though.  He figured out how to kick the toy bars at the base to make all the toys shake at once.  He’s made it collapse a few times on top of him.  It doesn’t hurt or scare him; he then waits for me to come put it back right so he can resume playing.  He is liking his activity jumper more and more.  It’s the same brand as the play mat so it has a similar look.  He can work those toys over pretty well too.

Kicking the bar to make all the toys swing at the same time

Uh oh!

I finally pulled one down!

The jumper

His favorite song this month is “I’m a Little Teapot.”  Words and phrases that have made him laugh:  Fluffy, fluffy marshmallows.  As in, “Kissing your cheeks is like kissing fluffy, fluffy marshmallows!”  Velociraptor, tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, triceratops, brontosaurus, paleolithic, etc.  We rattle off all the dinosaur names we can think of and he laughs.  Velociraptor is funnier than the others though.  If I take his picture and want him to smile, I’ll say “velociraptor!”  Parfait is still hilarious.  John tells him things like, “Penelope is partial to purple parfait.”  He’s come up with several of them, and Baby Boy always gets the giggles.

Starting this month, I can now take him jogging with me.  Yay!  Now hopefully the weather will cooperate.  We will also be ordering him a high chair soon, and picking up a few silicone spoons and water proof bibs.  He has one more month before we start solids, so we might as well start getting ready.  We are in no rush to start solids though.  He’s already growing up too fast!  Plus what goes in, must come out.

Testing it out

And we like it

He still a great sleeper.  He sleeps from about 8pm-7:30am, takes a morning nap about 9:45am-11am, then in the afternoon either naps from around 1pm-4:30pm or 1-2pm, and then again from 4-5pm.


John carrying him to bed

Fell asleep while playing and rolling

He had his first cold this past month.  John caught it first, then a few days later Baby Boy and I caught it too.  For the most part, he stayed his usual happy self.  He wanted to be held and rocked for all his naps though.  I’m not sure who ended up more spoiled by that.  At night we could not get him to stay asleep in his bed.  We tried a humidifier, pacifier, and placing some of John’s giant math books under his mattress to elevate his head.  For over a week he slept in his carseat next to my side of the bed.

Sick baby

And here’s a few of my favorite photos from the past month.  Okay, so maybe it’s more than a few…

Go Bears!

I like my bear coat.

Ehhh...this coat not so much.

The world will end if you do not feed me right NOW!

Helping Mommy in the kitchen

Daddy's fingers taste the best!

You are interrupting my play time.

One cool dude

What?  I have spit-up on my face?

Such a happy baby!

Kissable cheeks!


Blue eyes



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