Mission: Costco


Not even two months ago the thought of Baby Boy and I attempting a trip to Costco on our own was terrifying.  I refused to go on our own.  If we needed something from Costco, I would wait to go on the weekend so John could stay home with the little guy.  Now I absolutely do not like going anywhere when it is crowded, and Costco on the weekend is just crazy.  However, this seemed like a far better option than going with the baby.  I’m pretty sure if we had attempted it at that time, we would have both ended up in tears stuck somewhere in the middle of the store.  Today though, we did our second Costco shopping trip just the two of us, and it went pretty well.  By following a few simple rules, we’re able to have a successful shopping trip.

1.) Make a shopping list.  Put it in order of our path through the store to prevent any need to double back.

2.) Make sure Baby Boy has a clean diaper and full tummy.

3.) Arrive at store before it opens.

4.) Park next to a cart return stall.  This allows me to grab a cart to put the carseat in so I’m not slowed down hauling it across the parking lot.

5.) Get in the door as soon as the store opens so as not to get bottle-necked behind retirees and other moms with their 5+ kids in tow.

6.) Do not get distracted by demonstrations and free samples.  Stick to the list.  Get in and get out.

7.) By following the above rules, the majority of check-out lines are still empty by the time we’re done.  Pick least chatty checker.

8.) If it all fits in the shopping cart, it WILL fit in the car.

Mission: Accomplished

I’m back home with a still happy baby.  Happy baby = happy mommy.


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