Least Used Baby Products


I did a lot of research on baby items before Baby Boy was born.  I probably spent entirely too much time reading product reviews and comparing features.  Three and a half months later, the products I spent the most time selecting the absolute right ones are what we use the least.

Baby carriers:  We have the Moby carrier and the Baby Bjorn.  The Moby feels like it would be easier on my back if I were able to use it for more than 5 minutes, but Baby Boy HATES the Moby.  He is starting to tolerate the Baby Bjorn a little bit better.  He still cries if he is facing me, but if he is turned so that he can see where we are going and what we’re doing, he quietly tolerates it long enough for us to go check the mail.

Bouncy seats:  We have 2 bouncy seats.  One of them vibrates and the other bounces.  The one that vibrates is packaged back up and is in the storage closet.  The other one he would sit in for a minute.  Then a week or so later we would try again and make it 5 minutes.  Now he will sit there looking bored for 15 minutes tops before he lets us know he wants out.  We probably won’t be able to use it too much longer because he’s starting to get too big for it.

Swing:  You would think we were torturing the poor kid when we put him in his swing.  When he was two weeks old, my mom and I tried putting him in it.  He gave us this confused look like, “But I thought you loved me?  Why?  Why would you do this to me!?!?!?”   followed by the scream cry.  I’ve put him in his swing maybe every other week or so to see if he changes his mind about it.  He hasn’t.  He will sit in it for a little longer, but starts to fuss and cry after a few minutes.

Aren’t these 3 items supposed to be on the “must-have” baby items list?  Oh well.  I need to package the bouncy seat and swing up  for the storage closet to make room for the items he does enjoy.


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