Christmas Tree


This is our first year to put up our very own Christmas tree!  We’ve usually been at either my family’s or John’s for most of our Christmas holidays, so I never bothered to put a tree up.  I would put out our Nativity snow globe and an angel but never a tree.  I have, however, been collecting ornaments for years though, and this year, I searched for the perfect Baby’s 1st Christmas ornament to add to the collection.  All of the ornaments I’ve bought have a special story or reason that they were purchased, so the Baby’s 1st Christmas had to be very special.

Baby’s 1st Christmas

Our 1st Christmas after we were married

One of my favorites: Where we were married, the Armstrong Browning Library

For years my dad would tease me saying we were going to a Dad Daughter Dance. He finally got one at our wedding.

If you know John, you know why I bought this one.

Some of John's favorite things: soccer, football, and Baylor

Purchased last Christmas because I thought a little boy would like it.

I just might leave our tree up entirely too long because Baby Boy likes to look at the lights, and we enjoy telling him the stories that go with the ornaments.


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