Baby Boy’s Birth Story


We were not surprised when at my 38 week doctor’s appointment my doctor asked me how I felt about being induced.  My blood pressure had been elevated for a few weeks, and he had sent me over to the hospital to be monitored the previous week.  It was a Monday, and he asked if I wanted to have the baby on Wednesday or Thursday.  I chose to have the baby on Thursday, September 1.  For one, it made things a little easier with paternity leave, my parent’s flight out here, and it’s also my brother’s birthday.  He said I would receive a call from the Birth Center to come in on Wednesday night to get things started, but when we were at the hospital that evening for more monitoring, my nurse said that was unlikely, and I would be lucky if I was called in before Saturday.

We went about our week preparing to go the hospital on Wednesday, but we thought we would most likely get the call later in the week.  I thought we would probably get called in early Thursday morning.  After dinner Wednesday night, we gave up on the Birth Center calling and went for our usual walk.  We got home, and I had just finished getting ready for bed when the Birth Center called around 9 p.m. to tell us to come straight in.  I asked if we could be there at 11 p.m., but the nurse said we needed to be there in an hour.  We hurriedly showered, packed the last few things, and drove to the hospital.  John stayed with me while I was checked-in to my room before he headed off to the airport to pick up my parents.

John made it back to the hospital around 11:30 p.m.  We were told to expect the doctor to come in soon to insert the cervidil, around 10 a.m. the pitocin would be started, and the baby would be born Thursday evening.  My doctor came in around 1 a.m. and inserted the cervidil and prescribed an ambien to help me sleep.  I dozed until around 2 a.m. when I started to get uncomfortable.  By 3 a.m. things had moved well beyond comfortable, and I was shaking so hard the John was getting concerned.  Shaking was not covered in our childbirth class!  At 4 a.m. I pushed the button to call the nurse.  I feel like I very politely asked for an epidural, but John tells me it came out more demanding.  The nurse  said I could have one if I was at a 3-4.  Thank goodness I was a 4!!!  Anesthesiologist Bill arrived within minutes and made life so much better.  I was still shaking pretty violently (which was caused by hormones) and was worried about him sticking the needle in the spine of an uncontrollably moving target.  He did great though and no problems whatsoever with the epidural.

The nurse checked me again at 5 a.m., and I was already at an 8.  We called and woke my parents up to tell them they needed to get to the hospital.  Everyone thought the baby would be born in the next hour or so.  The baby though started to have some stress from things progressing so quickly.  The nurse pulled the cervidil and started trying to slow things down.  I don’t really remember much of this or much of what happened after this.  I’ve been told that I slept until they had me start pushing around 9 a.m. and that I was really pleased about my socks.  Apparently I showed them off to my parents and the nurses.  I blame the ambien and epidural.   Also, while I was pushing, my doctor stopped, looked over at John and asked him if his pants were on backwards.  They were.  I thought I only pushed for maybe 10-15 minutes, but it was more like 2 hours.  My water broke about an hour before he was out.  The baby was born at 10:55 a.m. weighing 7 lbs., 7oz., 21 in. long and perfectly healthy.  I had an easy pregnancy and fairly easy labor and delivery.  The labor and delivery took 10 hours from the time the cervidil was put in to the time Baby Boy was out.

Pretty relaxed for someone about to have a baby in 2 hours.
Waiting for Baby Boy’s arrival

About an hour after Baby Boy was born I started to hemorrhage.  The odds of that happening are 0.1%.   Mostly I remember thinking, “Wow that’s a lot of blood,” and then things started to get fuzzy fast.  I didn’t understand what was happening.  It was probably good that I couldn’t comprehend the seriousness of the situation.  It took 3 different medications before they could slow the bleeding.   My doctor and especially my nurses were amazing.  For days I couldn’t walk without a nurse or John holding me up.  Things were rough there for awhile, and I don’t remember most of it.  My mother assures me that not remembering is a blessing.  A couple of days later I was given a blood transfusion.  Oh the difference a few pints of blood make!  John and I were surprised we were able to go home that night after the transfusion.  We were both thinking,  “Really?  You’re letting her/me leave?  Is that the best idea?”   We almost asked to stay another night because I still couldn’t walk well on my own.  I am so grateful to people who donate blood!

Since leaving the hospital that first time:  I’ve had 2 surgeries, 3 bacterial infections, way too many medications, 2 cases of hives (allergic reactions to medications), and we’ve gone a round with thrush all before Baby Boy was 2.5 months old.  The first month is a hazy blur.  It wasn’t until after the second surgery that I started to improve significantly.  Right around the time he turned 3 months old I was finally able to go out for a very slow, and very easy jog.  🙂  My doctor suggested I buy a lottery ticket the way I keep “beating the odds.”  I told him the way things are going I would win the lottery but lose the ticket.  I’m finally getting back to normal, and we have the best baby boy.  He maybe fusses or cries 10 minutes out of 24 hours if that much.  It’s usually just to let us know he’s hungry or if he gets tired and is fighting sleep he’ll cry a bit.

I am so thankful for my husband and parents.  If it hadn’t been for them, I have no idea how I would have survived those early weeks.

* John wore the same pants correctly for both of the surgeries, and pointed that fact out to my doctor.  🙂


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