You Can’t Feed a Baby Steak!


Baby Boy is one enthusiastic eater!  A couple of weeks ago we were at my doctor’s office waiting forever to see the doctor when Baby Boy got hungry.  Another mommy was feeding her baby girl.  She was so dainty and quietly eating.  Baby Boy however eats with gusto.  There was smacking, sucking, gulping, happy sighs, and milk dripping going on, and he loudly ended his meal with some hearty burps.  The women in the waiting room were smiling at the show he was putting on.

When my mom visited before Thanksgiving, we took Baby Boy to get his Christmas portrait taken.  While I was ordering photos, my mom was walking around keeping Baby Boy happy.  Another mom, grandma, and baby boy were waiting for their turn and struck up a conversation with us.  They asked my mom how old Baby Boy was.  She told them he was 2.5 months, and asked how old their baby was thinking he wasn’t too much older since he wasn’t that much bigger.  (Baby Boy was in the 50th percentile for his length and weight at his 2 month check-up.)  He was 7 months and his mom and grandma started going on and on about how he was eating solid foods now.  My mom asked what he was eating and the baby’s mother started describing the vegetarian lasagna she has pureed the night before.  My mom responded that it wouldn’t be too long before Baby Boy would be ready for steak!  They looked horrified and quickly responded, “You can’t feed a baby steak!”

Seriously?  Seriously?  You think we would really feed a baby steak?  What is wrong with you?

One thing we’ve noticed since moving is that a lot of people up here do not have a sense of humor.


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